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I give you a lot of nice recipes, photos and videos. My name is Douwe Offringa, a cooking addict if I may say so myself...... with over 10 years of experience as a Chef, 5 years in the professional Foodservice as Culinary Consultant for Bonduelle and 7 years with Delifrance & Enkco Foodgroup as area sales manager. I decided to share my love for food with you all....

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The perfect pastry from the United States of America,

a creamy creme with the taste of Blue Berry and Cranberry in perfect harmoney!



A hade a great  Masterclass Chinees Cuisine

from my friend chef Tim Kan.

Location Sligro Rotterdam South.

It was a perfect day to learn

a lot of the Chinees Cuisine and

make new friends for my Network!


Thanks Tim





GIANT BEEF RIBS and Brisket - AMERICAN FOOD BBQ at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, AZ!

The White Brigade kept together with RATIONAL the Workshop Cooking - Live in Almelo. Under the leadership of one of the chefs from RATIONAL, they have the Self Cooking Center and the Vario Cooking Center studied and worked. How do I get the most out of the RATIONAL equipment and what savings can I achieve? This they have learned. Many look fun! - We are The White Brigade and looking for you! Why be a part of our community? - Fast and good payments - Choice of many jobs in your region - Easy availability and services via our app and our digital scheduling program - discover new recipes from fellow cooks - purchasing advantages for our partners - As a FREELANCER your standard contracts to regulate - fine-Tune your techniques by training sessions and workshops, Go to our website www.wittebrigade.nl and let us know what you think!



The name BawaAku comes from the Moluccan (Indonesian) language in which Bawa means 'to carry' or 'bring in' and Aku means "I". Together to translate the two words to 'Bring Me'. We have BawaAku founded because we the call for help have heard of the local Moluccan farmers who are below the threshold of poverty and are looking for a better future. Through BawaAku we try the farmers to a better life, to bring or carry and at the same time, they offer the best organic herbs and oils of the source - the Spice islands, Maluku in Indonesia. For more information take a look at www.bawaaku.com.

Today we are in Rotterdam in the newly opened Markthal. It's the biggest food market in The Netherlands and I'm hungry. We're here to experience Rotterdam Street Food like the locals. The Markthal has the largest artwork in The Netherlands at 11000 squared meters it's truly impressive. There's a massive selection of fruit and vegetables a lot of which we have never seen. No idea what they are. No clue. Absolutely none. Like this thing. No idea. So beautiful, the way they've display it. There's a dizzying selection of products. If you suffer from choice paralysis, like I do, then this is definitely a challenging place. What to eat? There is a tapas bar here doing Pinchos. We're starting with Pinchos. Very hungry, so very happy to eat. Very hungry. Real good. Above many of the stalls they've got these like roof terraces where the views are just magnificent. We're sitting at one of the roof terraces. We're having a delicious fish soup with some fresh bread. There's an amazing Patisserie doing a selection of desserts that are so artist and beautiful. We've taken macaroons, I've got the chocolate you've got the salted caramel. Lekker, huh? It's really good. Say "Lekker". It's pretty cool. That's it for our time at the Markthal in Rotterdam. It's amazing. It's big, there's a huge variety of food, a lovely atmosphere, the artwork is magnificent. If this is your only reason to come to Rotterdam, it's well worth it.